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  • Ryan Stillions

Coming soon!

Big things often come in little packages, and I’m excited to share that this big dream of mine is about to launch.

In the past several months, I've been quiet, but for a good reason. I’ve been working hard to incorporate a business and set it up. I knew going into it exactly what I was in for. I've carefully watched others and learned from the bench as they prepared and launched, sometimes struggling to find thrust, gain lift, and find their wings. I knew it was one of those things where I could never really comprehend the experience until I lived it.

Now I am.

I won't bore you with all the nerdy details here, it's a conversation for another day, but suffice it to say I have an entirely new level of respect for bootstrap founders. Building something out of nothing takes a lot, and it's certainly pushing me into new territory. It's good.

I am looking forward to a soft launch soon. I have no set dates or arbitrary self-imposed targets. There will be no fireworks displays, Superbowl ads, or big-splash announcements coming either. Just a few blog post updates here and there. I'm reminded that it's about the journey and not the destination. I need to be real, and transparent. I need to live in the moment and enjoy this part of it. Not rushed, but not perfect either. This porridge needs to be just right.

Can we consider this my “coming soon” announcement?

All for now,



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