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Get to know the team


Founder & Principal Consultant

Ryan Stillions

When not working with clients, Ryan can usually be found doing chores around the acreage, taking care of their seven horses, or strumming an old guitar.  He also volunteers as an area chapter president of Back Country Horsemen of Iowa, a non-profit service based organization that helps protect and maintain multi-use trails across county and state parks, and ensures our state and national legislators protect these resources for generations to come.


Chief Morale Officer


Rhythm has one job. Ensuring Ryan gets out of his office for a healthy dose of outdoors, bonfires, guitars, and trail rides.  At 16.2 hands, he and 6'2" Ryan make for a tall mount. Thus, Rhythm's favorite pastime has become discovering every low branch out on the trail and snickering when Ryan doesn't see 'em coming.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where Rhythm pops in occasionally to update us on his many shenanigans.


Future Soloist Consultants

Mentorship opportunities

Are you an experienced cybersecurity practitioner thinking about going solo?  Not sure how it differs from freelancing, 1099 contracting, or where to start? I allocate time for mentoring others to become independent consultants because when I needed it the most I was too embarrassed to ask for help from established soloists. I am not a paid coach, lawyer, accountant, or business mogul, and I will not mentor employees of active clients. I provide guidance on setting up your practice, for free, to two people at a time will and stick with you until you either find your wings or you tap out.  All I ask is you do the same for others once you're established.  You must agree to pay it forward to others.  Reach out and let's chat.


Chief Financial Officer

Stacy Stillions

Stacy not only wears the pants in the Stillions family, but she's also the owner of Stacy Stillions LLC, where she provides contracted financial data analysis and related business management services to clients.  Here at Treyis Advisors she oversees all aspects of our financial operations and works with our clients on related contracts and billing questions.  When not working, she enjoys family gatherings and going on trips, and has really enjoyed taking up quilting as a hobby.


Existing Soloist Consultants

Birds of a feather

Are you an existing soloist consultant looking to stay connected with your tribe?  We are always looking to connect and support the community of fellow independent consultants. Together we can support each other in many ways, especially as we tend to specialize in adjacent and complimentary areas. Reach out and snag some time so we can chat.

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