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  • Ryan Stillions

Partnership with Profitap

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Profitap. This partnership will bring unique capabilities to Treyis Advisors clients in the areas of network visibility and performance monitoring.

Profitap develops and manufactures world-renowned premium quality network visibility and network monitoring solutions. With their HQ and R&D located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and production team in France their solutions are of the highest engineered quality and in a continuous innovation class of their own.

Designed with security, forensics, deep packet capture, and network & application performance monitoring sectors in mind, Profitap solutions come in several product lines.

  1. Traffic Access Solutions, including copper and fiber optic TAPs, Aggregation TAPs, Bypass TAPs, and Virtual TAPs.

  2. Traffic Capture and Analysis, including ProfiShark and IOTA for on-site or remote monitoring.

  3. Data Flow Management & Optimization, including Network Traffic Aggregators and Network Packet Brokers for complex advanced processing and extended visibility.

  4. Secure Data Access, including fiber and copper TAPs having physical or optical data diodes, secure firmware, and physical security seals, to meet the most stringent data security standards.

Every day, these proven solutions help more than 1000 clients from 55 countries eliminate network downtime, add security to existing and new networks worldwide, assist in lawful interception applications, and reduce network complexity.

Treyis Advisors is a cybersecurity consulting and managed services firm focused on helping organizations become Reliably Defendable. Through visibility, we help organizations increase their awareness and understanding of their environments, which leads to wise data-driven optimizations. Teams can more effectively secure workloads, trust identities, protect data, and maintain readiness for whatever tomorrow might bring.

To learn more, don't hesitate to reach out.


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